all about me

hey guys,

I’m new to this whole thing so basically I’m just gonna introduce myself…

my name is whitney, i don’t know if i can upload pictures on this but i guess ill find out soon, haha. I’m a teen girl who enjoys writing so i thought why not start a blog?? i love to sing, write, i love photography. i have brown hair blue eyes and yeah thats pretty much it. wait no it’s not…i was born in NYC and then i moved to London, England when i was 6 weeks old since my dad’s job put us there. 2 years later my younger sister was born. only three years ago my mom, my sister, and i all moved back to america and are now living in Texas in my mom and dads home town. my dad is still working in London as my parents got divorced. i think I’m just gonna use this blog to talk about stuff that i find interesting, maybe share some of my photography and talk about why i take pictures the way i do, i don’t know i think a lot and i need somewhere to put my thoughts and i guess this is gonna be it.